Costume Drama Alert

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According to the latest press releases, a new, 8-part period drama about Queen Victoria is set to air on ITV this autumn in the UK.  The drama stars Jenna Coleman as Victoria and focuses on her ascension to the throne, aged 18, and her marriage to Prince Albert.  Of course, many of you who, like myself, have seen the 2001 production of Victoria and Albert, starring Victoria Hamilton and Jonathan Firth will know that this drama will have a lot to live up to.  I have high hopes, however, as it is written by Daisy Goodwin, best known, at present, as a novelist (My Last Duchess is a brilliant read, if you get the chance).  It also looks like this series is shedding a different light on the revered monarch to that which we are used to seeing her in.  Victoria is popularly remembered as a perfect wife and mother, prim, proper, in awe of her husband, and inconsolable after his death.  In this new drama, we will see Victoria as someone who was in charge of her own destiny, and who ruled as a determined and confident woman.  So there’s something to look forward to as the nights begin to draw in!


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